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Strategic Planning


Solutions to problems always start with a clear understanding of the opportunity and the obstacles impeding success. That’s why every assignment starts with a clear definition of the goal(s) and what’s needed to achieve it. Do you need more experienced department managers? Do you need new equipment? More efficient manufacturing and/or distribution systems? Does your enterprise need re-capitalization? Is your overhead too high? These are just some of the issues we’ll address as we help you develop a strategic plan with specific tactics and a step-by-step action plan.


Profit Enhancement


Profit enhancement seems simple right? Sell more. Make more. Except that it doesn’t really work like that. If variable costs tied to sales continue to increase, you’ll just work harder without making more money. So one component of improving profits is containing costs; reducing overhead. But it also could mean focusing on selling higher margin products or services. It might mean developing higher margin products or services. And, what about managing efficiency and productivity? These are just some of the ways we help companies earn more money. And while the strategies and tactics for every enterprise are different, this is precisely why we start with a strategic plan.


Growth Management


Very often growth just happens because demand for your products and services goes up as more and more people become aware of them. And unmanaged, rapid growth could put you out of business. There are production capacity issues. Warehousing and distribution problems. Strains on working capital. And on your employees and management team. At John Thrasher Consulting Group, we’ve helped hundreds of companies navigate these kind-of-challenges related to growth. And turn problems into opportunities.

Company Sale Prep


Being hugely profitable is certainly one way to attract the attention of potential buyers. But it isn’t the only consideration. Debt, the quality of the management team, your product/service development pipeline, underperforming and/or unproductive balance sheet assets, unsold inventory…these are just a few of the factors affecting buyer interest and the price they might pay to acquire your company. Having prepared many companies for acquisition, we know what to look for and the action steps necessary to maximize the transaction amount.


These same issues apply to acquiring a company too. So if you’re looking to grow exponentially, John Thrasher Consulting Group can peel back the onion to make sure your getting a good value and that’s it’s an appropriate strategic fit to accomplish your long term goals.


Team Building


It’s been said that your biggest business asset are your people. At the end of the day, when your employees go home….mostly, you’re out-of-business until they return the next day. We realize that split-shift scheduling, automation, and other factors are tools to help mitigate this issue. But that doesn’t account for making sure you have the right people in the right jobs, getting them to work together as a team with respect and a shared vision. And what about diversity and inclusion? Research confirms companies with an inclusive workforce are typically more profitable. Are your executives capable of leading such a team? These issues and more will impact efficiency, productivity, product quality, profitability, and more. John Thrasher Consulting Group will help you build a better team.




In a world of business parity, how will you differentiate your business from your competition. We typically hear that “we have years and years of experience”; or, “we have lots of reviews about our reliability”, etc.  These are all attributes that most companies tout. They are not consumer benefits…the things that motivate people to call YOU. To succeed in today’s complex and competitive business environment, every company needs to build their brand around the needs, wants, and desires of your target audience. And we know how to do that, across multiple consumer touchpoints including your website(s), social media, digital media, and traditional media like TV and radio. We also conceive and produce ads that are attention getting, designed to communicate the most leverageble consumer benefits for your target audience(s). And don’t forget a call-to-action. Like call us!


Information Technology


Small and medium size companies around the world engage John Thrasher Consulting Group to manage their computer networks to enable business growth. They also rely on us to protect their businesses from simple to complex technology issues that can adversely affect their operations, sales, and profitability.


Too frequently, business owners contact us when they are experiencing a problem such as:

  • A network crash; cyber, malware, or ransomware attack; or,

  • Data breach; equipment failure; or other technology issue.

  • The good news is that we’re quick to respond with an experienced team of IT professionals to get you back in business.


The even better news is that we offer Managed IT Solutions that are affordable and anchored by a 24/7 system that identifies problems before they happen. This includes:

  • Equipment monitoring to make sure your hardware is technologically aligned,

  • Integrated & reliable telephone systems,

  • Firewall protection from hackers,

  • Cloud-based communication & secure data storage solutions,

  • Employee training to minimize typical employee IT mistakes,

  • And even industry specific solutions that integrate regulatory mandates like HIPPA compliance.

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